Habitat Builds Update

Just a short note to invite all to visit the build portal at the link below: http://habitatbrampton.com/cms/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&id=5:newsletters&layout=blog&Itemid=11

The Canman suggests that it is wise to visit often as the house is changing daily.

They are also looking for more volunteers. Should you be interested please email Saleena at Saleena@habitatbrampton.com.

Please keep collecting beverage cans of all varieties (Soda, juices and beer) and if you know of someone who has a stash in their garage that they would like to donate please get them to email me at thecanman@cans4houses.org or give them the 877 number. I be pleased to help.  As the slogan states Every Can Makes a Difference!

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Cans 4 Houses ships 1,020 pounds

Well the number of shipments have jumped since the last post and so have the number.  We’ve had five shipments above a thousand pounds. This one comes in at no. 4. The biggest was 1,400 pounds and was in June of 2010.

We had a small 11′ truck and with 64 bags weighing in at 1,020 lbs and could have shipped twice that amount or over a ton.  here is an example of the 30 gallon bags.

This puts the total cans collected by the team of 200 plus residents and 25 businesses in Brampton and some outlying areas to the north and south. If it was not for this army of volunteers the project would not work.  Thank you to each and every one.

We are still adding more collection sites and should be able to surpass the 1,400 pound load with lets shoot for 2,000 pounds.

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Brampton Famrers’ Market 13th Aug 2001

Just a short note to advise all Brampton residents the “Can Man” will be there next Saturday. Stop by and see how the project is doing.

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Ground Breaking by Habitat for Humanity Brampton

Habitat for Humanity Brampton announced on Tuesday 7th Jun that they will be holding their Ground Breaking Ceremony on June 22, 2011 at 10:00 am. at Hoskins Sqr., Brampton. Follow this link for directions

Building this house and those that follow are the reason I started the Can project to help fund these activities. The many collectors residential and businesses, and there are over 225 of you, have had a large part in supplying the resources that has created the funds.

Current stats have changed. On Friday we delivered 840 pounds of Pop Cans for a total of 30,100 Used Beverage Cans. This bring the total collected to 384,428 or 10,924 pounds.  We will be in a position to make another donation to Habitat in the coming weeks.

Here is a rendering of the house designed by 25:8 Research + Design and Jay S. Lim, of what the new house will look like.If you’d like to help fund this project and the 35 more planned over the next several years then,please send the Can Man an email at thecanman@cans4houses.org with complete contact info. Should you have a little more time and are will to help the project [please include this as well.  Some of the tasks are: collecting cans in your area and bring them to the processing site, Help sort and crush a couple of hours a day, help in planning new campaigns and help at the promotional tent in Aug.  and last of all, talk it up with your friends and neighbours

Our target this year is at least $10,000.00 of which we are at 26% and our upper target is $12,000.00  with 21.6% attained. At our current pace we are well on track for either of them.

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Getting Caught up

Hello fellow collectors. Well were back after a 30 day holiday to Asia and the many places it has for exciting visits. The project is still active and has collected and shipped 1,700 pounds so far this year. Eight hundred at the end of March and another 900 at the beginning of May.  This brings the total number of cans shipped to 354,328 or 10,124 pounds.

Objective for the year is $10,000 that works out to approx 1,500 pounds per month. I’m thinking of a special project the could bring in that much or more in a weekend. Stay posted.

Additional help, students who register with their guidance councilor to add some time to their 40 hours of community work would be great. The work is not hard and the benefits are  fantastic.  Fresh air, great exercise, and the knowledge that you have helped create funds for the next build of a Habitat house on Hoskins Sq. Dixie/Queen area. Click here for map.

Should you wish to Volunteer for the build please check out Habitats’ web site.

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Season’s Greatings from The Can Man

Season’s Greetings


The Can Man

The Can Man and Habitat for Humanity Brampton wishes to thank everyone for your efforts in saving and/or collecting from your family members or neighbours the 294,105+ Aluminum Beverage Cans. The project has been able to give Habitat a total of $6,000. Five thousand of which was given this year.  Next year the Can Man would like to double that number.  The project will continue under a new banner… Cans4houses.  We have a blog at www.can4houses.org. The email address will be Thecanman@Cans4houses.org.   Please keep collecting / saving your cans and spread the word.

Being a volunteer with this project is the first step in assisting to build affordable housing and promoting home ownership as a a means to breaking the cycle of poverty.

Habitat Brampton has plans to build on three sites; Hoskins Square site (1 home). Torbram Rd South site (20 townhouses) and McLaughlin Rd North site (15 townhouses).  Each of these sites will be developed over several years to help alleviate the need for affordable home ownership in the Brampton community. Your continued support will provide a ‘hand-up’ to families in our community.

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Can Christmas Tree

The Can Christmas Tree

The Beverage Can Christmass Tree I saw this lovely Beverage Can Christmas Tree  late last week.  It is made up of 450 Aluminum beverage cans by a group of CO-OP students working a large software company.  This same company has donated over 8,500 cans or about 250 lbs of aluminum and raised sufficient funds to paint a room , supply  ten 2 x 4s, and  almost  enough to buy a box of nails.

Since this is a period of higher usage of beverage cans, of various contents and if you live in the Brampton, Ont area. I would like as all residents to set their Aluminum beverage cans aside. Please rinse them and place in a large plastic bag or box and call me at 877-330-9077 or send an email to “thecanman@cans4houses.org” in January to arrange for pickup or delivery instructions.  I will also take wine and liquor bottles as well please place is sturdy box and call the same number.  All proceeds raised from the cans will be donated to Habitat for Humanity Brampton.  I would suggest that family, friends and/or neighbours group their items together to make the pickups economical.

Should any read just happen to have created something out of beer or soda cans and you have a photo of it please email it to me c/w your name and I’ll post them to this blog at the end of January.

Thanks and have a safe, happy and memorable Christmas and above all please drink responsibly.

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10th Shipment of cans

2 Dec 2010 This day saw another shipment of cans that consisted of 1,060 pounds or 37,100 cans go to the recycler. The total shipped to date is 8,404 pounds or 294,105 cans.  This shipment is the results of 131 donations. Many were from repeat donors while some were from first time donors.

What items required for a house can 37,100 cans provide? Any one from  the following list of items

  1. three doors;
  2. 212 2 x 4s
  3. siding for a house
  4. Two showers
  5. Paint for 8+ rooms
  6. 4 windows

With this shipment we will be able to add to the $3,500 already donated to Habitat. This is the power of what many aluminum cans can do. The population of Brampton can help do a lot more.  What I’m asking each and everyone to do is save their cans and donate them to the cause of funding the building of affordable housing for low income families through Habitat for Humanity Brampton and the Cans4Houses project.  Maybe an example  would help: Say store X has a special sale and they sell several thousand cases in one weekend EG 5000 x 18 = 90,000 cans. If there were donated to the project and garnered a reasonable cash sum per pound  that would buy a water tank. Multiply that by 20 stores and by some magic they all came to the project we could do wonders in funding a new house.

What do we need to help get this done? Here’s my shopping list:

  1. An easily accessible Public Drop Off Facility;
  2. Student volunteers to staff the facility and earn their community volunteer hours. They would be sorting by product ;
  3. Several drivers with suitable vehicles to help in their school/electoral district to collect and bring donated cans to the PDOF.

I want to help Habitat for Humanity Brampton build more affordable houses. What will you build? Please click here to see what can be done.

Then send an email to Canmanj at thecanman@cans4houses.corg. We can use your help.

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9th Shipment of cans.

Oct 1, 2010 We made another shipment of 800 pounds of aluminum beverage cans / UBCs. This bring our total collected to 257,005 cans or a total of 7,342.85 lbs.  I would like to thank the 77 groups many of which were repeat collectors. Add to this the value of the beer cans an we were able to add $603.90 to that which is already in the bank. Building up the cash with steady momentum.  The objective by Dec 31st is to raise another $3,500 and we are just slightly shy of half way.

With the help of a Recycling Calculator at Novelis we can get an idea of the savings the total number of cans have benefited Brampton. A couple of notes on the calculations: I used a population of 860 so that it would calculate a can total close to mine. Please note that the prices for aluminum vary with the market.

Environmental Savings

Total Cans Recycled: 257,140
Total Weight Recycled: 7,517
Amount of Greenhouse Gases (CO2e
Saved vs Using New Aluminum:
31 Metric Tons
Energy Saved: 478 MBTUs
Barrels of Oil with Equivalent Energy: 82 Barrels
Equivalent GHG Emissions from Cars Not Driven in One Year: 6 Cars
Length of Cans if Stacked End to End: 20 Miles
Value of Aluminum: $5,161.80
Water Saved: 19 Cubic Meters

Benefits for Habitat For Humanity Brampton

The $3,500+  would permit the purchase of the following items:

Item $ cans needed
Kitchen Cabinets 2,500 175,000
Water Tank 1,000 70,000
Shingles 1,500 70,000

Getting to the next plateau shouldn’t be all that hard as we are working with five new customers who will have a steady monthly or weekly sum to add to our totals. It is estimated the new clients will be providing lots of product (UBCs) by the end of October. We’ll update you at to who they are once they are formally on board.

Should you have a business in Brampton with a lunch room and beverages from aluminum cans are consumed we would love to have you join the party and help Habitat for Humanity Brampton build affordable homes and show others that there is hope out there. Please send contact “The Can Man” via email at thecanman@cans4houses.org to get more info on how to join the team.

To learn more on the building plans of Habitat Brampton please go to http://habitatbrampton.com/cms/. Should you wish to make a cash donation or help build a home the info is on this page.

Remember Rome, wasn’t build in a day, neither were the pyramids. It takes time, money, and many skills to build a house, but only a house can create a family.

Come, join the Habitat Brampton family. Help us help those who need our help.

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Attention: Grade 4,5 and 6 Students

Have you heard of the essay writing contest?

It’s a yearly contest sponsored by Genworth Financial Canada and runs from Oct 4th until Nov 12, 2010.  Full info is available here.  So talk to your teachers and get your thought together on what a home means to you.

By entering the contest you will also be supporting  Habitat for Humanity Brampton. If you win, Habitat for Humanity Brampton also wins and so does a family in your community. So you see everybody wins.

Are you ready – sharpen your pencils – start jotting down your thoughts as you think of them and get your teacher to get yourself and your school registered.

Good luck from “The Can Man”

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