Shipment No 20

Another huge shipment went out the door on the 22-June. Due to the volume  I needed to get additional manpower.  I was able to engage a neighbour to help load and off-load some 68 bags of cans. A front row view of the 68 bags shipped that contained 37,100 (1,060 lbs.) of cans the blue bags all have about 450 crushed cans while the clear ones contain and average of 320.

This puts us 94,795 cans just shy of our first million cans collected. Weight wise we are at 35,863 pounds.  Login and register so you can keep track of our progress. I would like to thank the many volunteer collectors who have been saving their cans for the project without your activities the goal would not be attainable.

Things are looking brighter and bigger as we move forward.  The project is attracting some very large customers, more details later,  that will require a much larger space, of about one to two thousand square feet,  to process and store the cans prior to shipment.  This space could also be staffed with volunteers and act as a public drop-off site two or three days a week. This is an excellent activity for students. looking for their community volunteer commitment.  Should you have such a space or know someone who does please contact me with details.

Should you have cans or other returnable beverage items send us an email at and we will be happy to take care of them for you.

Purpose of Cans4houses This project was started in 2008 with the sole purpose of collecting Used Beverage Cans  (UBC) and using the funds generated to assist Habitat for Humanity Brampton in their quest of  Building Homes. Building Hope.

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HFH Brampton Key Dedication

Just a note to advise that the Key Dedication is happening in June. Please see the details  at this link.  This is the first home of three on this lot and of the 36 others to be build over the next 10 years.

I hope many of the donators of the 800,000 plus cans to the can project will be able to attend, see you all there.

The Can Man

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Another load of cans gets recycled

Friday, May 4, 2012 – On this day we delivered another load that weighted in at 920 pounds. This load totaled around 32,200 items bringing the grand total collected to 868,105 cans  and a total weight collected of 34,803 pounds. We are getting very close to our first million cans collected  being just 131,895 shy.

I would like to thank all 230+ collectors / donners and the 25 commercial/businesses in Brampton for there help. Without them this project would not possible.

The money collected will be in a bank account dedicated to the cans project and when it gets big enough it will be given to Habitat for Humanity Brampton and their building fund.

Do you have Aluminum beverage cans at home. If so please rinse them out and save them for us. We will change them into a very valuable item.. A new home for a deserving resident of Brampton were they will be able to grow strong roots in our community and also help others.

The CanMan

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Cans4Houses Collection Team Sets New Record

With the last shipment of  Used Beverage Cans on the 3oth March Peter Stupples assisted me in shipping the largest load of cans collected to date. It covered the period from 22 Dec 2011. This load was the work of many collectors both residential and commercial and their efforts  in saving their UBC’s  is greatly appreciated.

How big was it you ask – well it was huge as the photos below show. There were  60 – 30 gallon bags of crushed cans and 74 55 gallon bags of whole cans that filled the 16′ cube van.

30 Gallon Bags

60 30 Gallon bags fill the front of the truck.

The full Truck.

All loaded up with 75 plus 55 Gal bags.

Ok, what was the total weight of cans shipped – a whopping 1,720 pounds. At 35 355 ml cans per pound that works out to 60, 200. This means that we are just 164,095 shy of our first million cans collected.  The number of pounds collected is important as it tells us how much money we raise. and this shipment was very good for the bank account.

As I mentioned in the last post I’m looking for some hard facilities to move both the sorting and either bagging or using filling dumpsters. They would take a huge number of cans and by working out of a large to medium sized facility and changing the type of project students could get their community hours.

The bottom line here is that the funds that are earned by the Cans4houses will help get a family have a home of the own and build better environment for their children. Habitat for humanity Brampton has a large number of homes that are going to be built in the next few years and we would live to have you as a partner.

Just think by saving your cans and picking them up in the park, when out for a stroll, we accomplish two goals. A cleaner City of Brampton and a fewer families waiting for a decent place to live.

To help please send an email to “” with your contact info and how you are willing to help.

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Closure of

The above website, being the original for the program to collect cans has been closed.  All communications about the project will now be done via  Please let you friends now about this so they can still keep in touch with the news about the program. Please continue to save your Cans, when your bag is full send us an email to arrange pickup of delivery.

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Getting Back to Business

An unusual title to be sure, but after being away for a month on a great holiday it takes a few days and sometimes weeks to get things back to an even flow.  It took just over a week to collect (pick up) all the cans from the collections points. When I ship in a week we will have pretty close to  100 bags of cans many (66) of them with crushed cans and the rest with non crushed.

I must thank all those who saved their cans for the project. Without them there wouldn’t be one.  I’m estimating that this load will be close to 1500 pounds, the largest yet.  I’ve got about 10 bags to sort today and had two calls already for bags to be picked up.

That’s it for this issue. If your in the Brampton, Mississauga Ont and surroundings please rinse your Aluminum Beverage  Cans  store in a bag, box whatever and send an email to The with your particulars and I will call to confirm location and pickup details.

Every Can is Precious

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Announcement Pending


Stay tuned for a special MILESTONE update in a couple of days.

The Can Man

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Getting Caught Up

Things have been very busy this summer and for the full year for that matter. Some stats since the program started show a very positive trend.

  • 2009 saw four shipments totaling 2,143 Lbs for four months of effort and a donation of $1,000 to Habitat on behalf of everyone’s efforts;
  • 2010 was a full year and saw six shipments for 3,260 pounds of cans and a donation of $5,000;
  • 2011 which is not over yet has seen five shipments totaling 5,180 pounds.

We are working on the next shipment, the 17th, which is getting larger every day. We’re shooting for at least 1200 pounds and need a lot more cans to reach that target. The four new clubs that have been added over the past month will help us reach that goal.
If you know of a club that has aluminum beverage cans (sodas) send me their contact info so we can get them on board. Companies are great too most have canteens / lunch-rooms and most likely sell beverages in aluminum cans.

Speaking of goals I would like to move the can sorting operation to a larger facility, 2-two to four thousand square feet c/w easy access by both the public and vehicles is a need for the new year. Along with it some additional help could be used in picking up the cans from suppliers. One day a week would be great. along with that about 10 to 20 students looking for the Community Volunteer hours would be a blessing. The task would be sorting and possibly crushing the cans. Crushing is done to maximize the shipping quantity and minimize the cost and storage space until shipped.

Every Can Makes a Difference

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World Habitat Day 03-10-2011

Today, we are celebrating World Habitat day.

It is a very important day as it brings the focus of the world on the plight of those who can not afford a decent home and some of the niceties that many of us enjoy and quite possibly take for-granted. They are also celebrating the successes of Habitat in Canada. As Stewart Hardacre, President and CEO, Habitat for Humanity Canada mentions “The Canadian organization and its 72 affiliates have built over 2,000 homes since 1985. That’s a significant accomplishment. That’s over 8,000 individuals’ lives that have been transformed.”

This year the Brampton affiliate is building one house on Hoskins Sqr in the “H” section of Brampton. Here’s a link to view progress.

Our interest in Habitat if to collect Aluminum Beverage Cans to help fund the building of Habitat homes.  It is with great pleasure to welcome two new collection centers: The ANAF branch 262 and the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 139.  Made the First collection yesterday and both had lots of cans in the boxes.  We have two more facilities to meet with and soon will have a great flow of material.

Last Friday we mad a shipment of 800 pounds to the recycler and added some more funds that will be donated to Habitat later this year.

Do you have cans? If so may I ask you to rinse them out put them in a clear plastic bag and save the for CANS4HOUSES when the bag is full email “The Can Man” for drop-off or pick-up info. Remember out catch phrase;

Every Can Makes a Difference

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Additional Items Collected

In the last post I mentioned that beverage items other than sodas and fruit juices are accepted.  Well, I just returned from the The Beer Store and the donations of several collectors resulted in the receipt of  a cash donation of just under $46.00.

Many thanks to those who contributed over the last few weeks and a great big thanks to everyone who has donated this precious product since we started.

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