This web site, www.cans4houses.org, is all about the power of used beverage cans, UBCs, and the many additional things for which they can be used.  Basically their uses are unlimited. Here are a few popular or unfamiliar uses that have been or could be used listed randomly.

The Many Uses Of Recycled Aluminum From Used Beverage Cans
Build model cars, planes, trains, and boats Heat a home
Solar water heating To save energy
To keep the environment clean To fund a wedding

To build new airplanes

To develop ongoing funding to help build houses by Habitat for Humanity Brampton

My use of used Aluminum Beverage Cans is to fund the building of houses for Habitat for Humanity in Brampton Ontario Canada. This is not a new use per se, as it has already been used in other countries for many years.  Why use beverage cans to fund the building of a house, you ask?

To have a visible object for people to see, and permit residents to see their results of helping to fund a specific house through the donation of their empty aluminum beverage cans.

1.  The metal in used beverage cans can be re-used infinitely to make new cans;

2.   There are billions of them that never get recycled and end up in either a landfill site, on the grass in a park, in a forest, beside a road or river, in a lake or ocean.

3.   When left in the above environments it can take 80 to 100 years for them to decompose.

4.   When recycled they can save a host of environmental costs.

How to get involved!

Its very simple. Just start saving your empty Aluminum Beverage Cans in a transparent plastic bag. It is recommended that you rinse the can prior to storage. It gets rid of the syrup residue and this keeps the fruit flies and other unwanted pest away.

Crushing of the cans is an option and permits the storing and transportation of more cans. If you decide to do so without a mechanical crusher please do it by placing the can sideways on a hard surface. While wearing a pair of hard-soled shoes crease the middle of the can to form a ‘V’ then fold the two ends of the cans towards the center with firm pressure.

The crushing will increase the bag filling time unless you have help from family members, friends and/or neighbours.  The help of many hands is better than just one pair.

When the bag(s) is full, send an email to “thecanman@cans4houses.org” with full contact info: name, phone number, address and the best time for pickup.  You will be contacted with instructions on where to place them and when the bag(s) will be retrieved. We will also advise if there is a public drop-off location and its hours of operation.

Maybe you’d like to become more involved by helping with the many activities of the project. If so please contact me via email at thecanman@cans4houses.org on how you may be able to help.

Should you decide to help please send an email to let me know when you have a full bag ready for help.  The email address is thecanman@cans4houses.org. Thanks in advance for your precious time and your desire to help create more affordable housing by Habitat for Humanity Brampton

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