April 22, 2010

Today is Earth Day a very important day as today I an announcing a very special project that should be of interest to all students in Brampton.

Today we’re launching The First Annual Inter-School recycling Challenge

What is this you ask? Oh I thought you wouldn’t ask! It is a challenge to all schools in Brampton Ont. Canada to see who can collect the most number of aluminum beverage cans.

You know those very thin colourful cans that contain some of the good beverages one can drink. Others are not so good for ones health, but they are still consumed by hundreds of people.

More detailed info is coming your way very soon or send me an email to thecanman@cans4houses.org and I’ll send you some info.

Now some tidbits about Aluminum Cans:

Did you know that the average American adult consumes about 270 cans per year.

Let’s see what other useful tidbits we can identify about the average 355ml /12oz can.  For every aluminum can recycled 6 ounces or 28.413ml of gasoline is saved. Now that may not seem to be very much, but 1 ton of aluminum recycled saves  3,125 gallons. Now who can tell the number of cans in a lb or 454 gr. Then tell me  how many cans in a ton of aluminum?  Students are requested to send me their replies by Friday.

- 30 -

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