9th Shipment of cans.

Oct 1, 2010 We made another shipment of 800 pounds of aluminum beverage cans / UBCs. This bring our total collected to 257,005 cans or a total of 7,342.85 lbs.  I would like to thank the 77 groups many of which were repeat collectors. Add to this the value of the beer cans an we were able to add $603.90 to that which is already in the bank. Building up the cash with steady momentum.  The objective by Dec 31st is to raise another $3,500 and we are just slightly shy of half way.

With the help of a Recycling Calculator at Novelis we can get an idea of the savings the total number of cans have benefited Brampton. A couple of notes on the calculations: I used a population of 860 so that it would calculate a can total close to mine. Please note that the prices for aluminum vary with the market.

Environmental Savings

Total Cans Recycled: 257,140
Total Weight Recycled: 7,517
Amount of Greenhouse Gases (CO2e
Saved vs Using New Aluminum:
31 Metric Tons
Energy Saved: 478 MBTUs
Barrels of Oil with Equivalent Energy: 82 Barrels
Equivalent GHG Emissions from Cars Not Driven in One Year: 6 Cars
Length of Cans if Stacked End to End: 20 Miles
Value of Aluminum: $5,161.80
Water Saved: 19 Cubic Meters

Benefits for Habitat For Humanity Brampton

The $3,500+  would permit the purchase of the following items:

Item $ cans needed
Kitchen Cabinets 2,500 175,000
Water Tank 1,000 70,000
Shingles 1,500 70,000

Getting to the next plateau shouldn’t be all that hard as we are working with five new customers who will have a steady monthly or weekly sum to add to our totals. It is estimated the new clients will be providing lots of product (UBCs) by the end of October. We’ll update you at to who they are once they are formally on board.

Should you have a business in Brampton with a lunch room and beverages from aluminum cans are consumed we would love to have you join the party and help Habitat for Humanity Brampton build affordable homes and show others that there is hope out there. Please send contact “The Can Man” via email at thecanman@cans4houses.org to get more info on how to join the team.

To learn more on the building plans of Habitat Brampton please go to http://habitatbrampton.com/cms/. Should you wish to make a cash donation or help build a home the info is on this page.

Remember Rome, wasn’t build in a day, neither were the pyramids. It takes time, money, and many skills to build a house, but only a house can create a family.

Come, join the Habitat Brampton family. Help us help those who need our help.

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