World Habitat Day Oct 7th, 2013

World Habitat Day in Brampton is going to be a whole lot different this year.  Habitat will be presenting the keys for a brand new home for a very lucky family.  The CANMAN would be pleased to see you there and join in celebrating the major accomplishment of spending 500 hours plus of sweat equity that Amire has put into his homes construction and/or helping in the Restore.

What the build site looked like a year ago.

Here’s what the build site looked like earlier this year .

    Photo Curtsey HFHB

On Monday between 10 am – 12 am at 20B Hoskins Square Brampton.  Bring your camera and be ready to take lots of photos. This is going to be such a wonderful occasion and it is on such a special day World Habitat Day. This day is celebrated in over 100 countries.

If you would like to attend please send an email to Sheniza at

 If you’d like to help the CanMan fund the building of these homes, start saving your aluminum beverage cans, place them in a large clear plastic bag. When it is full send him an email to with your complete contact info.  He will get back to you to pick or possible delivery.

Some stats as of Sept 20th:   855,505 cans collected and recycled . These amount to 24,443 pounds. Total funds donated $16,000 with more in the bank to be donated in December. It would be nice to break the 1,000,000 can threshold by then and to do so we need 144,495 cans or 4,128 pounds.  Would you be able to organize some of your neighbours or family member to assist?  We need approx 12,000 cans per week or if you like a smaller number that’s 344 pounds.




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