Bring the stats up to date.

Since our last shipment in Dec 2012 we have made two additional shipments of cans for just over 1500 pounds of Used Beverage Cans. These shipments plus those of returnable items are adding over $1,100 to the bank account.  This will put the total raised over $17,000.

I expect our next shipment will be around the end of June at the latest.

Some of the 52 bags or 660 lbs. waiting to be loaded.

Some of the 52 bags or 660 lbs. waiting to be loaded.

All the cans were donated by 60 plus members of our collections base of over 200 residents and 20+ businesses and companies.  These are real contributors I just collect and prepare them for shipment. Without them there would be no $17,000   raised for Habitat for Humanity and their building program.

If you and you family members are consumers of any beverage that is in Aluminum cans then and you are not currently saving them for the project; may I encourage you to start saving them. All that is required is that you rinse them out, place in a large plastic bag and give the Canman a call at 1-877-330-9077 or send him and email to “”. We will discuss how the cans get to me; either you deliver them to me or I pick them up. Or you may be a member of a club that serves beverages in Aluminum cans. We would love to add yours to our current list of six large groups.

Where does the money go? All the funds that are generated goes to Habitat for Humanity Brampton to support their HUGE building program. Over the next ten years the wish to build 36 Homes. More info is available at this link .This is a huge number of homes to be built and requires an army of volunteers. Habitat has many different programs  for individuals or companies details can be seen  here .

If you would like to help this project grow and have some spare time please send me an email to “” There are several openings available. Will you help us build a full housing unit of 4 to 6 homes?

Every Can Makes a Difference






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