Shipment # 23

On Oct 5th we made another shipment of cans of:

1,020 pounds 0r 35,700 cans

Total Collected = 931,105

Need 70,000 for One Million!

You can help us if you are a consumer of sodas from Aluminum Beverage Cans.Rinse your can, place it in a large clear plastic bag. When it is full send an email to advising it’s location and he’ll  pick it up.

With your help IT can be done.  You may not consume very much, but maybe some of your family member for close friends or neighbours would be willing to help.  as John Paul Getty said :



There is a huge side benefit to the collecting of the cans that you might like.  The first is that through the help of everyone we are going to fund the building on at least one home maybe more.  Wouldn’t that be something!  The other one I’m going to let you answer.  Please send  your reply to

Some info on Habitat for Humanity Brampton’s building program that was announced at the Hoskins build dedication ceremonies earlier this year. They have created a project to build 36 homes in 10 years. So you will see announcements about the “36inTEN” campaign.  I mention it here as this and a prior project that motivated me to get involved.   That was four years ago, and my drive is just as strong now as it was then. The purpose remains the same to help fund the building of homes.  Having a home “provide families with new hope and life changing opportunities.” These changes will permit the family to grow and become well integrated into the community. Their children will have a chance to get a better education and be more successful.  WHY, because  you and people like you, cared enough to save small aluminum beverage cans that was used to raise funds to help build their home and other like it.

Every Can is Precious

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