The 27th World Habitat Day is arriving tomorrow. This is a special day created by the United Nations to motivate citizens of the World that their help is needed to reduce the plight of people without adequate food and shelter. What are you going to do to help eliminate the pain and suffering these families bear each and every day, month in and month out, year in and year out?

In Brampton, Ontario, Canada our Habitat for Humanity affiliate has created a plan called 36inTEN to build 36 homes over the next TEN years.  One was build last year on Hoskins Square and another is in progress now followed by a third on the same site.  Here is a link showing the current builds and some of the past achievements.  Don’t forget to watch the PowerPoint slide show of our future plans.

This blog “” was created to promote  project the theme of  which is the collection of 150 million Used Beverage Cans (UBCs) and keep everyone informed.  The beverage cans wanted are all made out of aluminum and infinitely  recyclable.  When collected and sold to a re-cycling depot new cans are back on the market as another can in as little as 60 days. Not only does it help Habitat for Humanity it helps the environment and reduces landfill.

The project was started four years ago and announced in the Brampton Guardian on 12-Dec-2008.  Since then the project has caught the interest of over 250 residents and over 30 businesses.  We are getting many referrals from other establishments which will add more cans to the pile. In the past week we have added three new businesses as  collectors. If your firm has a lunch room, cafeteria and a pop machine that dispenses drinks in aluminum cans then you are the perfect client. Send me an email ( and we’ll pay you a visit to see what your needs are.

Speaking of the “Pile” it is getting very big and I am very pleased to advise that sometime between now and the end of 2012 we will hit a significant plateau. We are shipping again on the 5th Oct. and should have a good idea of when we’ll have collected the first million cans.  The funds received up to last Dec. are $11,000  and  donated to Habitat for Humanity Brampton on behalf of all participants. We will have more to donate later this year.

There are four ways you can help.  The first will improve your health, beautify the community, Cans4House, and Habitat for Humanity.  Take a medium size plastic or a brown paper bag and go for a walk in your local park.  There are hundreds of cans and bottles both plastic and glass littering the parks and streets.  I’ll bet that depending on the size of the bag you will be able to fill it quite fast.  I have at least three people doing just this on their daily walks.

The Second is to become a volunteer with Habitat and help build the homes. They have jobs for for everyone. Sure some require a high level of skill, but they will teach you how to tape drywall and apply the plaster. they need painters too.  There is another side benefit to all of these tasks – You get to meet new friends who are just like you, looking for a way to help their fellow man.

The third is  helping the Canman.  Yes I have the need for some help to sort/crush the thousands of cans I get every week, I crush due to a small single car garage and it permits the shipping of five times the number of cans for the same cost. Then there’s the need to clean out all the other none aluminum items.   One big item would be a larger place that would permit: more storage, sell the cans at a better price, possible public access and permit students to get their volunteer community hours.

The final but very important need is donations. this is possible either with cans that you have saved yourself or a donation of cash, if you don’t have any cans please click here.

Every Can is Precious

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