Crushing Cans and Quantity per 30 and 55 Gallon Bags

This is to answer a query from a member .  A 55 Gal. bag is very, very large and would hold several hundred.  I use this type of bag and have bee able to place about 330 non-crushed cans. At the same time if the cans were to be crushed vertically and mixed with non crushed cans it may hold over 700 cans.  When a can is crushed vertically with a crusher it would be reduced up to 20% of its original size (Assuming it is a standard 355 ml or 7 oz.

Putting this many cans in a bag would make it very, very heavy and difficult to handle. depending on the material it may be on the brittle side and subject to tearing easily.

I would recommend saying with a 30 gal size as it would be much easier to handle as can take reasonable number of cans.  the smaller bag would hold about 175 – 200 whole cans and if crushed your pushing the 450-500 level.  The last shipment consisted of about 49 30 gal. bags and a few at 55. A quick calculation suggest there was on average 557 cans per bag. Just for the record there are 35 355 ml cans to a pound.

Don’t forget that there are many different sizes of cans and we get them all from the huge Arizona tea brand to the small Clamato  Juice cans and a mixture of the 250 ml and larger used by the energy drink market.

If you decide to crush your own cans, get a good solid crusher, not the wire frame type, they don’t last.  The one I use I got from Lee Valley. It’s twice the price but much more durable.  Regardless of the model don’t install it too high you want it low enough so you are exerting downward pressure, just follow the manufacture’s installation instructions.  Keep it lubricated and clean. It will last you years. Mine is going on two years now and is just starting to show some wear, but it is a work horse.

For those who decide to crush please do it safely and thank you very much.

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