Cans4Houses Shipment Update No 21

Shipment Update No 21

Cans4Houses Stats: as of 10-08-12
Cans or 27,300 Lbs.
Funds donated:

Plus more Cash in the Bank

This update actually includes two shipments. one on 22 June for 1,060 pounds or 37,100 cans and the latest on 10 Aug for 780 pounds  for a total of 27,300 cans . The lower quantity is due to the extreme warm weather and the use of the best thirst quencher.

Our target for the end of 2012 is One Million cans. We are just 67,495 cans shy. We will be adding to that total as we are shipping another load around the end of Sept.  It would be a great feat to have the target met by then but it’s a very big long shot. It will be before Christmas though.

James “The Can Man” Young

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