Shipment No 20

Another huge shipment went out the door on the 22-June. Due to the volume  I needed to get additional manpower.  I was able to engage a neighbour to help load and off-load some 68 bags of cans. A front row view of the 68 bags shipped that contained 37,100 (1,060 lbs.) of cans the blue bags all have about 450 crushed cans while the clear ones contain and average of 320.

This puts us 94,795 cans just shy of our first million cans collected. Weight wise we are at 35,863 pounds.  Login and register so you can keep track of our progress. I would like to thank the many volunteer collectors who have been saving their cans for the project without your activities the goal would not be attainable.

Things are looking brighter and bigger as we move forward.  The project is attracting some very large customers, more details later,  that will require a much larger space, of about one to two thousand square feet,  to process and store the cans prior to shipment.  This space could also be staffed with volunteers and act as a public drop-off site two or three days a week. This is an excellent activity for students. looking for their community volunteer commitment.  Should you have such a space or know someone who does please contact me with details.

Should you have cans or other returnable beverage items send us an email at and we will be happy to take care of them for you.

Purpose of Cans4houses This project was started in 2008 with the sole purpose of collecting Used Beverage Cans  (UBC) and using the funds generated to assist Habitat for Humanity Brampton in their quest of  Building Homes. Building Hope.

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