Another load of cans gets recycled

Friday, May 4, 2012 – On this day we delivered another load that weighted in at 920 pounds. This load totaled around 32,200 items bringing the grand total collected to 868,105 cans  and a total weight collected of 34,803 pounds. We are getting very close to our first million cans collected  being just 131,895 shy.

I would like to thank all 230+ collectors / donners and the 25 commercial/businesses in Brampton for there help. Without them this project would not possible.

The money collected will be in a bank account dedicated to the cans project and when it gets big enough it will be given to Habitat for Humanity Brampton and their building fund.

Do you have Aluminum beverage cans at home. If so please rinse them out and save them for us. We will change them into a very valuable item.. A new home for a deserving resident of Brampton were they will be able to grow strong roots in our community and also help others.

The CanMan

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