Cans4Houses Collection Team Sets New Record

With the last shipment of  Used Beverage Cans on the 3oth March Peter Stupples assisted me in shipping the largest load of cans collected to date. It covered the period from 22 Dec 2011. This load was the work of many collectors both residential and commercial and their efforts  in saving their UBC’s  is greatly appreciated.

How big was it you ask – well it was huge as the photos below show. There were  60 – 30 gallon bags of crushed cans and 74 55 gallon bags of whole cans that filled the 16′ cube van.

30 Gallon Bags

60 30 Gallon bags fill the front of the truck.

The full Truck.

All loaded up with 75 plus 55 Gal bags.

Ok, what was the total weight of cans shipped – a whopping 1,720 pounds. At 35 355 ml cans per pound that works out to 60, 200. This means that we are just 164,095 shy of our first million cans collected.  The number of pounds collected is important as it tells us how much money we raise. and this shipment was very good for the bank account.

As I mentioned in the last post I’m looking for some hard facilities to move both the sorting and either bagging or using filling dumpsters. They would take a huge number of cans and by working out of a large to medium sized facility and changing the type of project students could get their community hours.

The bottom line here is that the funds that are earned by the Cans4houses will help get a family have a home of the own and build better environment for their children. Habitat for humanity Brampton has a large number of homes that are going to be built in the next few years and we would live to have you as a partner.

Just think by saving your cans and picking them up in the park, when out for a stroll, we accomplish two goals. A cleaner City of Brampton and a fewer families waiting for a decent place to live.

To help please send an email to “” with your contact info and how you are willing to help.

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