Getting Back to Business

An unusual title to be sure, but after being away for a month on a great holiday it takes a few days and sometimes weeks to get things back to an even flow.  It took just over a week to collect (pick up) all the cans from the collections points. When I ship in a week we will have pretty close to  100 bags of cans many (66) of them with crushed cans and the rest with non crushed.

I must thank all those who saved their cans for the project. Without them there wouldn’t be one.  I’m estimating that this load will be close to 1500 pounds, the largest yet.  I’ve got about 10 bags to sort today and had two calls already for bags to be picked up.

That’s it for this issue. If your in the Brampton, Mississauga Ont and surroundings please rinse your Aluminum Beverage  Cans  store in a bag, box whatever and send an email to The with your particulars and I will call to confirm location and pickup details.

Every Can is Precious

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