Getting Caught Up

Things have been very busy this summer and for the full year for that matter. Some stats since the program started show a very positive trend.

  • 2009 saw four shipments totaling 2,143 Lbs for four months of effort and a donation of $1,000 to Habitat on behalf of everyone’s efforts;
  • 2010 was a full year and saw six shipments for 3,260 pounds of cans and a donation of $5,000;
  • 2011 which is not over yet has seen five shipments totaling 5,180 pounds.

We are working on the next shipment, the 17th, which is getting larger every day. We’re shooting for at least 1200 pounds and need a lot more cans to reach that target. The four new clubs that have been added over the past month will help us reach that goal.
If you know of a club that has aluminum beverage cans (sodas) send me their contact info so we can get them on board. Companies are great too most have canteens / lunch-rooms and most likely sell beverages in aluminum cans.

Speaking of goals I would like to move the can sorting operation to a larger facility, 2-two to four thousand square feet c/w easy access by both the public and vehicles is a need for the new year. Along with it some additional help could be used in picking up the cans from suppliers. One day a week would be great. along with that about 10 to 20 students looking for the Community Volunteer hours would be a blessing. The task would be sorting and possibly crushing the cans. Crushing is done to maximize the shipping quantity and minimize the cost and storage space until shipped.

Every Can Makes a Difference

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