World Habitat Day 03-10-2011

Today, we are celebrating World Habitat day.

It is a very important day as it brings the focus of the world on the plight of those who can not afford a decent home and some of the niceties that many of us enjoy and quite possibly take for-granted. They are also celebrating the successes of Habitat in Canada. As Stewart Hardacre, President and CEO, Habitat for Humanity Canada mentions “The Canadian organization and its 72 affiliates have built over 2,000 homes since 1985. That’s a significant accomplishment. That’s over 8,000 individuals’ lives that have been transformed.”

This year the Brampton affiliate is building one house on Hoskins Sqr in the “H” section of Brampton. Here’s a link to view progress.

Our interest in Habitat if to collect Aluminum Beverage Cans to help fund the building of Habitat homes.  It is with great pleasure to welcome two new collection centers: The ANAF branch 262 and the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 139.  Made the First collection yesterday and both had lots of cans in the boxes.  We have two more facilities to meet with and soon will have a great flow of material.

Last Friday we mad a shipment of 800 pounds to the recycler and added some more funds that will be donated to Habitat later this year.

Do you have cans? If so may I ask you to rinse them out put them in a clear plastic bag and save the for CANS4HOUSES when the bag is full email “The Can Man” for drop-off or pick-up info. Remember out catch phrase;

Every Can Makes a Difference

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