Cans 4 Houses ships 1,020 pounds

Well the number of shipments have jumped since the last post and so have the number.  We’ve had five shipments above a thousand pounds. This one comes in at no. 4. The biggest was 1,400 pounds and was in June of 2010.

We had a small 11′ truck and with 64 bags weighing in at 1,020 lbs and could have shipped twice that amount or over a ton.  here is an example of the 30 gallon bags.

This puts the total cans collected by the team of 200 plus residents and 25 businesses in Brampton and some outlying areas to the north and south. If it was not for this army of volunteers the project would not work.  Thank you to each and every one.

We are still adding more collection sites and should be able to surpass the 1,400 pound load with lets shoot for 2,000 pounds.

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