The 1st Annual Inter School Recycle Challenge is a fun and rewarding way for groups to help Habitat for Humanity Brampton fund the building of simple, decent houses for low-income families through the cooperative efforts and donations from many sources. With the co-operative help of local schools, and JeyEnterprises the primary sponsor, we hope to add another ongoing source of funding.

The Inter School Recycling Challenge will run from the 22-April 2010 until the 28-May-2010.  All deliveries of collected cans must be delivered to JeyEnterprises by 6:00pm on the 29th May 2010.

The Recycle Challenge gives your group the opportunity to promote the recycling of aluminum beverage containers. Encourage everyone to save and bring cans in for your cause. All that is required is the determination, creativity and motivation to get everyone to collect cans to raise money for the building of houses. There is nothing to sell except the idea of saving and recycling aluminum beverage cans.

This program challenges all students of Brampton Schools to collect / save cans at home or school and encourages the community to participate in your Recycling Challenge.  The top three schools in each school division, who have registered and collect the most cans in there division will be awarded a Certificate of suitable for displaying on the Schools achievement wall. All other schools will be presented with a certificate of participation.

The greatest part of the Brampton Inter-School Recycle Challenge is to promote the recycling of precious resources and teaches them it is good to help others who are in need. As a secondary benefit students who participate will be able to earn credits for their community volunteer hours required to graduate.  Learn the importance of recycling and environmental responsibilities.

Each school is required to maintain a register of each bag.  When the bags are given to JEY Enterprises they will sign for each bag on the register and by give a copy of same. The number of cans per bag will be verified by weight on the basis of 35 cans per pound (454ml). This will average the weight of large and small cans to a regular 355 ml can.

For all Can counts to be valid the must be emailed to  att. I-S Challenge Director with the following info:

School Name: __________________________________________
Bag Code & Number:______________________________________
Bag Weight:    ____________________________________________
Number of Cans:  _________________________________________
Date:  ________  Bag Ctr 1 _____________ Bag Ctr 2 _____________
Note: metric conversion 1 lb = 454 gr

Please copy the registration form below on School letter head and fax a copy to 1-877-330-9077. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hrs and your school code

number that will be required as mentioned above. You will also be provided with the address for the delivery of full bags.

Registration form for
1st Brampton inter-School Recycle Challenge
Contact Name:  ____________________________________________
School Name:  _____________________________________________
Address:            ______________________________________________
Postal Code:     _____________________________________________
Phone:                ______________________________________________
Email:                ______________________________________________

Signatures of  and

Student leader: _____________________________________________

Supervising Teacher:  ________________________________________
Please complete the above application and fax it to 877-330-9077 as soon as possible.

JeyEnterprises the sponsor will provide a PDF file containing two graphics one for the front of your container and one for each side.  Ideally your containers should have three 18” x 12” posters identifying the box as part of the program and detailing how cans are to be crushed. Note: the crushing of the cans is an option and is not mandatory. The purpose of crushing the cans is to permit the economic storage and shipping of cans. Please remove all contents from the can, where possible.

Schools are required to supply their own container and clear plastic storage bags. They may also add there own art work to their storage container as they wish, but the three a/m posters must remain visible to identify the container is part of the Recycle Challenge.

It is imperative that all cans be empty of all liquids prior to placing in collection containers.  As previously mentioned crushing of the cans is optional. The time spent for crushing, counting etc, can be credited to student(s) performing the task for their Community Volunteer hours. This action will need to be monitored by the teacher supervising the project.

A secure location will be required for all full bags. Bags should be labelled with School Name, Number of cans in bag, Initials of two people who counted the cans. A serial number for each bag, the school name code will be provided to each school when they submit their registration form.

The bag(s) and their contents duly identified will be collected weekly as outlined below and will with become the property of JeyEnterprises for delivery of proceeds to Habitat for Humanity Brampton. The winning school(s) will be notified in prior to the third week of June and announcements will be sent to local papers.

Each school is required to enlist the services of a volunteer driver with a suitable vehicle to transport the cans to JeyEnterprises.  Please call 877-330-9077 the day prior to delivery and advise the number of bags for pickup.

JEY Enterprise will provide sample promotion letters that will be branded with Challenge logos etc.

Organization within the school is up to the student leader and the supervising teacher.

It is suggested that you meet with your School Custodian to acquire a secure temporary storage space.

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