Ground Breaking by Habitat for Humanity Brampton

Habitat for Humanity Brampton announced on Tuesday 7th Jun that they will be holding their Ground Breaking Ceremony on June 22, 2011 at 10:00 am. at Hoskins Sqr., Brampton. Follow this link for directions

Building this house and those that follow are the reason I started the Can project to help fund these activities. The many collectors residential and businesses, and there are over 225 of you, have had a large part in supplying the resources that has created the funds.

Current stats have changed. On Friday we delivered 840 pounds of Pop Cans for a total of 30,100 Used Beverage Cans. This bring the total collected to 384,428 or 10,924 pounds.  We will be in a position to make another donation to Habitat in the coming weeks.

Here is a rendering of the house designed by 25:8 Research + Design and Jay S. Lim, of what the new house will look like.If you’d like to help fund this project and the 35 more planned over the next several years then,please send the Can Man an email at with complete contact info. Should you have a little more time and are will to help the project [please include this as well.  Some of the tasks are: collecting cans in your area and bring them to the processing site, Help sort and crush a couple of hours a day, help in planning new campaigns and help at the promotional tent in Aug.  and last of all, talk it up with your friends and neighbours

Our target this year is at least $10,000.00 of which we are at 26% and our upper target is $12,000.00  with 21.6% attained. At our current pace we are well on track for either of them.

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