Getting Caught up

Hello fellow collectors. Well were back after a 30 day holiday to Asia and the many places it has for exciting visits. The project is still active and has collected and shipped 1,700 pounds so far this year. Eight hundred at the end of March and another 900 at the beginning of May.  This brings the total number of cans shipped to 354,328 or 10,124 pounds.

Objective for the year is $10,000 that works out to approx 1,500 pounds per month. I’m thinking of a special project the could bring in that much or more in a weekend. Stay posted.

Additional help, students who register with their guidance councilor to add some time to their 40 hours of community work would be great. The work is not hard and the benefits are  fantastic.  Fresh air, great exercise, and the knowledge that you have helped create funds for the next build of a Habitat house on Hoskins Sq. Dixie/Queen area. Click here for map.

Should you wish to Volunteer for the build please check out Habitats’ web site.

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