Can Christmas Tree

The Can Christmas Tree

The Beverage Can Christmass Tree I saw this lovely Beverage Can Christmas Tree  late last week.  It is made up of 450 Aluminum beverage cans by a group of CO-OP students working a large software company.  This same company has donated over 8,500 cans or about 250 lbs of aluminum and raised sufficient funds to paint a room , supply  ten 2 x 4s, and  almost  enough to buy a box of nails.

Since this is a period of higher usage of beverage cans, of various contents and if you live in the Brampton, Ont area. I would like as all residents to set their Aluminum beverage cans aside. Please rinse them and place in a large plastic bag or box and call me at 877-330-9077 or send an email to “” in January to arrange for pickup or delivery instructions.  I will also take wine and liquor bottles as well please place is sturdy box and call the same number.  All proceeds raised from the cans will be donated to Habitat for Humanity Brampton.  I would suggest that family, friends and/or neighbours group their items together to make the pickups economical.

Should any read just happen to have created something out of beer or soda cans and you have a photo of it please email it to me c/w your name and I’ll post them to this blog at the end of January.

Thanks and have a safe, happy and memorable Christmas and above all please drink responsibly.

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