10th Shipment of cans

2 Dec 2010 This day saw another shipment of cans that consisted of 1,060 pounds or 37,100 cans go to the recycler. The total shipped to date is 8,404 pounds or 294,105 cans.  This shipment is the results of 131 donations. Many were from repeat donors while some were from first time donors.

What items required for a house can 37,100 cans provide? Any one from  the following list of items

  1. three doors;
  2. 212 2 x 4s
  3. siding for a house
  4. Two showers
  5. Paint for 8+ rooms
  6. 4 windows

With this shipment we will be able to add to the $3,500 already donated to Habitat. This is the power of what many aluminum cans can do. The population of Brampton can help do a lot more.  What I’m asking each and everyone to do is save their cans and donate them to the cause of funding the building of affordable housing for low income families through Habitat for Humanity Brampton and the Cans4Houses project.  Maybe an example  would help: Say store X has a special sale and they sell several thousand cases in one weekend EG 5000 x 18 = 90,000 cans. If there were donated to the project and garnered a reasonable cash sum per pound  that would buy a water tank. Multiply that by 20 stores and by some magic they all came to the project we could do wonders in funding a new house.

What do we need to help get this done? Here’s my shopping list:

  1. An easily accessible Public Drop Off Facility;
  2. Student volunteers to staff the facility and earn their community volunteer hours. They would be sorting by product ;
  3. Several drivers with suitable vehicles to help in their school/electoral district to collect and bring donated cans to the PDOF.

I want to help Habitat for Humanity Brampton build more affordable houses. What will you build? Please click here to see what can be done.

Then send an email to Canmanj at thecanman@cans4houses.corg. We can use your help.

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