Apr 22 -2010 The purpose of this blog is to follow the activities of “CanmanJ” and his objective to collect 150,000,000 aluminum beverage cans.  The purpose of collecting cans is to help fund the building of houses with Habitat from Humanity (Brampton).  The project was started back on Dec 5th, 2008 and since then we have collected 114,205.

It goes to show that when building something it doesn’t happen overnight.  Canmanj has motivated 21 business and over 154 volunteer donors. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but these are the stalwarts of collecting.  I have on lady who has joined me team who has been collecting aluminum cans for over 10 years.  The others and myself are new at the game, but we are ding pretty good all things considered.

Today we just formally launched the First Brampton Inter-School Recycling Challenge. This will pit 147 schools in all three classes to see who can build a team to collect the most number of cans. The Challenge ends on 28-April-2010

Welcome to my blog and enjoy story as it unfolds.


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