World Habitat Day Oct 7th, 2013

World Habitat Day in Brampton is going to be a whole lot different this year.  Habitat will be presenting the keys for a brand new home for a very lucky family.  The CANMAN would be pleased to see you there and join in celebrating the major accomplishment of spending 500 hours plus of sweat equity that Amire has put into his homes construction and/or helping in the Restore.

What the build site looked like a year ago.

Here’s what the build site looked like earlier this year .

    Photo Curtsey HFHB

On Monday between 10 am – 12 am at 20B Hoskins Square Brampton.  Bring your camera and be ready to take lots of photos. This is going to be such a wonderful occasion and it is on such a special day World Habitat Day. This day is celebrated in over 100 countries.

If you would like to attend please send an email to Sheniza at

 If you’d like to help the CanMan fund the building of these homes, start saving your aluminum beverage cans, place them in a large clear plastic bag. When it is full send him an email to with your complete contact info.  He will get back to you to pick or possible delivery.

Some stats as of Sept 20th:   855,505 cans collected and recycled . These amount to 24,443 pounds. Total funds donated $16,000 with more in the bank to be donated in December. It would be nice to break the 1,000,000 can threshold by then and to do so we need 144,495 cans or 4,128 pounds.  Would you be able to organize some of your neighbours or family member to assist?  We need approx 12,000 cans per week or if you like a smaller number that’s 344 pounds.




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Bring the stats up to date.

Since our last shipment in Dec 2012 we have made two additional shipments of cans for just over 1500 pounds of Used Beverage Cans. These shipments plus those of returnable items are adding over $1,100 to the bank account.  This will put the total raised over $17,000.

I expect our next shipment will be around the end of June at the latest.

Some of the 52 bags or 660 lbs. waiting to be loaded.

Some of the 52 bags or 660 lbs. waiting to be loaded.

All the cans were donated by 60 plus members of our collections base of over 200 residents and 20+ businesses and companies.  These are real contributors I just collect and prepare them for shipment. Without them there would be no $17,000   raised for Habitat for Humanity and their building program.

If you and you family members are consumers of any beverage that is in Aluminum cans then and you are not currently saving them for the project; may I encourage you to start saving them. All that is required is that you rinse them out, place in a large plastic bag and give the Canman a call at 1-877-330-9077 or send him and email to “”. We will discuss how the cans get to me; either you deliver them to me or I pick them up. Or you may be a member of a club that serves beverages in Aluminum cans. We would love to add yours to our current list of six large groups.

Where does the money go? All the funds that are generated goes to Habitat for Humanity Brampton to support their HUGE building program. Over the next ten years the wish to build 36 Homes. More info is available at this link .This is a huge number of homes to be built and requires an army of volunteers. Habitat has many different programs  for individuals or companies details can be seen  here .

If you would like to help this project grow and have some spare time please send me an email to “” There are several openings available. Will you help us build a full housing unit of 4 to 6 homes?

Every Can Makes a Difference






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Were Growing bigger

On the 20 Dec-2012 we made the final shipment of 820 pounds for the year.  with the proceed of that shipment Cans4houses and primary sponsor JeyEnterprises presented another cheque of $5,000 to make a total of $16,000 that Cans4houses has raised. This would not have been possible without the large number of residents and organizations who are saving their cans for us.   Please see the new poster below that will be used to promote the project going forward in 2013.

Not only is every can precious so is each collector.

Thank you

cans4houses P16K Final

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Shipment # 23

On Oct 5th we made another shipment of cans of:

1,020 pounds 0r 35,700 cans

Total Collected = 931,105

Need 70,000 for One Million!

You can help us if you are a consumer of sodas from Aluminum Beverage Cans.Rinse your can, place it in a large clear plastic bag. When it is full send an email to advising it’s location and he’ll  pick it up.

With your help IT can be done.  You may not consume very much, but maybe some of your family member for close friends or neighbours would be willing to help.  as John Paul Getty said :



There is a huge side benefit to the collecting of the cans that you might like.  The first is that through the help of everyone we are going to fund the building on at least one home maybe more.  Wouldn’t that be something!  The other one I’m going to let you answer.  Please send  your reply to

Some info on Habitat for Humanity Brampton’s building program that was announced at the Hoskins build dedication ceremonies earlier this year. They have created a project to build 36 homes in 10 years. So you will see announcements about the “36inTEN” campaign.  I mention it here as this and a prior project that motivated me to get involved.   That was four years ago, and my drive is just as strong now as it was then. The purpose remains the same to help fund the building of homes.  Having a home “provide families with new hope and life changing opportunities.” These changes will permit the family to grow and become well integrated into the community. Their children will have a chance to get a better education and be more successful.  WHY, because  you and people like you, cared enough to save small aluminum beverage cans that was used to raise funds to help build their home and other like it.

Every Can is Precious

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The 27th World Habitat Day is arriving tomorrow. This is a special day created by the United Nations to motivate citizens of the World that their help is needed to reduce the plight of people without adequate food and shelter. What are you going to do to help eliminate the pain and suffering these families bear each and every day, month in and month out, year in and year out?

In Brampton, Ontario, Canada our Habitat for Humanity affiliate has created a plan called 36inTEN to build 36 homes over the next TEN years.  One was build last year on Hoskins Square and another is in progress now followed by a third on the same site.  Here is a link showing the current builds and some of the past achievements.  Don’t forget to watch the PowerPoint slide show of our future plans.

This blog “” was created to promote  project the theme of  which is the collection of 150 million Used Beverage Cans (UBCs) and keep everyone informed.  The beverage cans wanted are all made out of aluminum and infinitely  recyclable.  When collected and sold to a re-cycling depot new cans are back on the market as another can in as little as 60 days. Not only does it help Habitat for Humanity it helps the environment and reduces landfill.

The project was started four years ago and announced in the Brampton Guardian on 12-Dec-2008.  Since then the project has caught the interest of over 250 residents and over 30 businesses.  We are getting many referrals from other establishments which will add more cans to the pile. In the past week we have added three new businesses as  collectors. If your firm has a lunch room, cafeteria and a pop machine that dispenses drinks in aluminum cans then you are the perfect client. Send me an email ( and we’ll pay you a visit to see what your needs are.

Speaking of the “Pile” it is getting very big and I am very pleased to advise that sometime between now and the end of 2012 we will hit a significant plateau. We are shipping again on the 5th Oct. and should have a good idea of when we’ll have collected the first million cans.  The funds received up to last Dec. are $11,000  and  donated to Habitat for Humanity Brampton on behalf of all participants. We will have more to donate later this year.

There are four ways you can help.  The first will improve your health, beautify the community, Cans4House, and Habitat for Humanity.  Take a medium size plastic or a brown paper bag and go for a walk in your local park.  There are hundreds of cans and bottles both plastic and glass littering the parks and streets.  I’ll bet that depending on the size of the bag you will be able to fill it quite fast.  I have at least three people doing just this on their daily walks.

The Second is to become a volunteer with Habitat and help build the homes. They have jobs for for everyone. Sure some require a high level of skill, but they will teach you how to tape drywall and apply the plaster. they need painters too.  There is another side benefit to all of these tasks – You get to meet new friends who are just like you, looking for a way to help their fellow man.

The third is  helping the Canman.  Yes I have the need for some help to sort/crush the thousands of cans I get every week, I crush due to a small single car garage and it permits the shipping of five times the number of cans for the same cost. Then there’s the need to clean out all the other none aluminum items.   One big item would be a larger place that would permit: more storage, sell the cans at a better price, possible public access and permit students to get their volunteer community hours.

The final but very important need is donations. this is possible either with cans that you have saved yourself or a donation of cash, if you don’t have any cans please click here.

Every Can is Precious

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Every Can is Precious in Different Ways

Videos about making Every Can Count which I have renamed to
Every Can is Precious see Mast head. Click here

Here is another one to test your thinking. You might use this one
to see how close your company can come. When you get to a bunch
send me an email to arrange pickup (

If your into some art with cans have a look here.
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Pioneering plastic bottle recycling plant to double capacity

I found the story below when reading the weekly Container Recycling Institute report. It reports on all issues dealing with recycling. You can get a subscription by following this link

Pioneering plastic bottle recycling plant to double capacity
August 5th, 2012 – UK – The world’s first recycling firm to use food-grade recycled PET and HDPE from plastic bottle waste has announced a £12 million expansion of their Dagenham based plant. Closed Loop Recycling stand at the forefront of plastics purification as the most advanced facility in the UK, and are set to create and support 100 jobs and double the capacity of its recycling plant. Their expansion will divert 100,000 tonnes of carbon emissions on completion and will increase food-grade HDPE output, as well as minimizing the harmful effects of recyclable resources on the environment by bringing used plastics back to food-grade standard.  Bdaily

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Crushing Cans and Quantity per 30 and 55 Gallon Bags

This is to answer a query from a member .  A 55 Gal. bag is very, very large and would hold several hundred.  I use this type of bag and have bee able to place about 330 non-crushed cans. At the same time if the cans were to be crushed vertically and mixed with non crushed cans it may hold over 700 cans.  When a can is crushed vertically with a crusher it would be reduced up to 20% of its original size (Assuming it is a standard 355 ml or 7 oz.

Putting this many cans in a bag would make it very, very heavy and difficult to handle. depending on the material it may be on the brittle side and subject to tearing easily.

I would recommend saying with a 30 gal size as it would be much easier to handle as can take reasonable number of cans.  the smaller bag would hold about 175 – 200 whole cans and if crushed your pushing the 450-500 level.  The last shipment consisted of about 49 30 gal. bags and a few at 55. A quick calculation suggest there was on average 557 cans per bag. Just for the record there are 35 355 ml cans to a pound.

Don’t forget that there are many different sizes of cans and we get them all from the huge Arizona tea brand to the small Clamato  Juice cans and a mixture of the 250 ml and larger used by the energy drink market.

If you decide to crush your own cans, get a good solid crusher, not the wire frame type, they don’t last.  The one I use I got from Lee Valley. It’s twice the price but much more durable.  Regardless of the model don’t install it too high you want it low enough so you are exerting downward pressure, just follow the manufacture’s installation instructions.  Keep it lubricated and clean. It will last you years. Mine is going on two years now and is just starting to show some wear, but it is a work horse.

For those who decide to crush please do it safely and thank you very much.

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Cans4Houses Shipment Update No 21

Shipment Update No 21

Cans4Houses Stats: as of 10-08-12
Cans or 27,300 Lbs.
Funds donated:

Plus more Cash in the Bank

This update actually includes two shipments. one on 22 June for 1,060 pounds or 37,100 cans and the latest on 10 Aug for 780 pounds  for a total of 27,300 cans . The lower quantity is due to the extreme warm weather and the use of the best thirst quencher.

Our target for the end of 2012 is One Million cans. We are just 67,495 cans shy. We will be adding to that total as we are shipping another load around the end of Sept.  It would be a great feat to have the target met by then but it’s a very big long shot. It will be before Christmas though.

James “The Can Man” Young

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Status Update

Status update

Cans4Houses Stats: as of 04-05-12
Cans or 24,803 Lbs.
Funds donated:

Plus Cash in the Bank

It is with a humble heart  that I pass on a great thank you to all donors of Pop and Juice cans, Beer cans and bottles, Wine and Liquor bottles. The funds received all go Habitat for Humanity Brampton to help build homes and hope to those in need.

Our target for the end of 2012 is One Million cans. We are just 131,865 cans shy. We will be adding to that total as we are shipping another load the 10th July.  I’m shooting for 20,000 plus for that load.

James “The Can Man” Young

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